What if good health was just a thought or a feeling away?

After my mother died, I developed a pain in my left foot. I had no physical reason for the pain to be there, but it got worse to the point of needing a repeat prescription of pain killers and walking with a limp.

I also gave an attempt at CPR before she passed but it didn’t work! This happened only four days after my Dad died from a heart attack also.

The first year was quite hard to come to terms with. The memory of giving CPR to my own Mum haunted me! 

On the first anniversary of her passing, I released the need to grieve and the pain in my left foot vanished!

I now know as a therapist that the left responds to my interactions with feminine energy, and the foot connects with home and family. I had manifested that pain as a result of my own grief!

Although I couldn’t save my Mum (eight years ago), it is my mission to help others to empower them with this holistic knowledge, and to understand that it’s possible that the mind and emotions could be the cause of their own suffering as a lot of health symptoms can be caused by a life event that makes a person feel uneasy.

My experiences as a therapist have shown definitive links between how the body responds to negative emotions, thoughts and patterns of behavior. I want to help others to reduce any needless suffering.

I once did a home visit to a client who was diagnosed with terminal COPD, a condition which affects the breath. She was even hooked up to an oxygen machine. So, knowing that the breath connects with the root chakra which has the saboteur of fear (re. panic attacks), my first question to the client was, “Do you consider yourself a fearful person?” Her reply “I’ve been living in fear all my life!”

She was fearful that her Dad would find her again after being abused in childhood!

So after helping her to realize that it was her fear that was making herself ill, she was able to drop the fear and she lived way past the date the doctors gave her of her life expectancy!
Imagine how many people could be helped if knowledge like this could be more mainstream? You are invited to share this!

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Richard Barriball

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