Replenish your depleted energy 
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Bi-Aura Therapy
What if you could get rid of your emotional luggage
and quieten your busy mind to get a good night's sleep?
Well there's good news, with Bi-Aura Therapy, you can!
Here's an example on video -
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Broken Back & Broken Heart to total health & happiness!!
Susan Noon suffered a broken back and a broken heart. This is her amazing testimomny of how she got back to health and happiness with Bi-Aura therapy!
Bi-Aura Therapists are-
  • qualified with a diploma in Bi-Aura Therapy
  • recognised by the Complementary Healing Association
  • and also by the Alliance of Healing Associations
“When you were...oh my God I feel so much cleaner, better and relaxed.”
“I was nearly asleep on my feet there...so relaxing.”
I feel as though I am generally benefitting from receiving Bi-Aura.”
(Quotations from clients he has personally treated).
Bi-Aura Therapy is a non invasive holistic healing where the practitioner encourages the flow of the client’s universal energy from above and earth energy from below, through the client’s body and through their chakra system to release blocked energy and harmonise the flow of the client’s energy, and to further energise the client to a higher level of health and well being. 

The practise of Bio-Energy is believed to originate from the oriental countries and India. Bi-Aura Therapy is the refined version of Bio-Energy where practitioners have undergone an eight month course of study culminating in a three hour theory paper, practical exam and a set of six case studies which altogether, have been given the recognition and status of a Diploma and is a therapy recognised by the Complementary Medical Association and the Alliance of Healing Associations. 

The Chakra System is a field of energy centres that respond to the thoughts that we think and the emotions that we feel, and by locating any energy blocks, the therapist can guide the client to release the cause of those energy blocks and bring them in to conscious awareness, enabling the client to move on in life, de-stress and to sleep much better. This same field of energy also forms the basis for acupuncture, another oriental practise.
In between sessions of my second case study of Bi-Aura Therapy, I pondered on why and how the results of giving up her repeat prescription of pain killers had happened after only one session, which led me to write about what I felt were the five key conditions that led to this outcome.
· It helps if the practitioner does not know the client prior to the first
If the two people don't know each other, then it is less likely for any type of judgement to have taken place, either by the client or the practitioner. The reverse may be true for those fearful of strangers but broadly speaking, it's hard to judge someone you don't know.
· The practitioner's ability to connect with the energy of unconditional love.
“When I heard the story of her pain and suffering due to a , every cell of my being just wanted to make her well again."
· The client's ability to relax, receive and be open.
"If the client is able to be still and reach a meditative state, the client’s stillness is much more receptive to receiving energy."
· Belief.
"Prior to the appointment, I asked my client to write down her symptoms, but not to worry about them as I was going to see her for a treatment soon. She had the *belief that her session would improve her condition (and it did).”
*(Note: Code of ethics to respect client’s beliefs).
· Intention.
"After telling me about her car crash story, my intention for the healing was movement. After the first session, she didn't need pain killers anymore and her physiotherapist was able to straighten out the discs in her neck the following day."
The practitioner is not lawfully allowed to claim to be able to cure.
It is the practitioner’s intention to be a channel for healing energy to re-align the client’s energy for the good of all concerned, and these principles may be transferred to other holistic practices.
As you can see, it is a two way process where it is just as essential for the client to be open minded as it is for the intention of the practitioner to be a channel for healing energy in order to get the maximum benefit from a session.
“I am still off my pain killers and no longer seeing a physio and back to working. And I feel I am in a much better place in my life now and I do believe it all started with the bi-aura.” (Six months later).
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Bi-Aura Therapy - £45 per hour session where professionally qualified Richard will work with your energy field which involves clearing any blocked (or heavy) energy and channelling. 

Aura Readings
To help you understand your aura, with a vocal explanation of what it means and backed up with a 22 page pdf file which will be emailed after the appointment. 
Distance Healing - £30 
Sessions last 30 minutes. Once you have arranged a suitable time with Richard on 07792 854088, please secure the appointment with a PayPal payment (they take all the popular cards).

Pet Healing - £35
Includes a written report and a 30 minute distance healing session for your pet.

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Phone 0044 (0)7792 854088 
and ask for Richard to make an appointment.

So how can Bi-Aura Therapy help you? CLICK HERE to see what ailments that Bi-Aura has been effective with.

Frequently Asked Questions 
At the first session, your therapist will chat with you about your medical history and current emotional and physical status.  You will be asked to remove your shoes, watch, glasses and any chunky jewellery otherwise you will remain fully clothed.  If it is comfortable for you to do so, you will be asked to stand for the first part of the therapy when, using their hands, the therapist will scan your energy field and chakras to detect which blockages are apparent.  Then the therapist will increase the flow of Universal and Earth energy within the body before beginning to clear the chakras.During this stage, there will be little or no physical contact although you may be aware of various sensations such as heat, cold, tingling or a feeling of lightness or heaviness, none of which are unpleasant or will last for long. For the next part of the session you will be invited to sit or lie down when further energy clearing will take place, by now you are likely to be in a deep state of relaxation. The more relaxed the patient can become the more freely the energy is able to move and the more effective the session is likely to be.  Where possible, the final scan is conducted with the patient again in a standing position.  The sessions last between forty minutes to an hour and we recommend that the recipient drink plenty of water and avoid excess stress the rest of the day.  

The most frequently reported immediate reaction is a sense of lightness, as if a weight has been lifted from the shoulders, and an inner sense of well being.  It is not unusual for people to find that symptoms have reduced, subtly altered or vanished and many people find that they sleep extraordinary soundly that night.  On rare occasions, clients may experience rapid detox and may feel tired and unwell for a period as the body restores balance.  This is transient and well being will follow. 

No, but thought is energy so it is ideal that anyone receiving the therapy should have an open mind.  If a person is adamant that Bi-Aura will not work for them, they are unlikely to get a good result as their negativity will adversely affect the energy flow. 

Bi-Aura practitioners do not claim to cure but to facilitate the self healing of the client by restoring the natural energy flow.  Most ailments can be alleviated quite quickly and simply though some people can, quite subconsciously, experience difficulty in letting go of their complaint.  The therapist will encourage the patient to participate in their own healing by learning that our health is affected by the way we think and how we literally make ourselves ill by holding on to such things as old emotional pain, poor self image, guilt or resentment.  Patients are then able to recognise and begin to let go of these negative thought patterns, in turn releasing the trapped energy causing the ailment.  The speed of the recovery will be influenced by the person’s willingness to embrace this concept and how deeply their belief systems are entrenched.  A minimum of four sessions is recommended with further sessions for more deep seated conditions. 

WILL MY AILMENT COME BACK?Once the energy flow is restored to the body the ailment will not return unless the blockage was caused by a belief system or thought process which the patient has not released.  It is well documented that optimistic people suffer from fewer ailments than pessimists and again, as the patient becomes empowered to recognise the mental/emotional causes for illness, they discover by adopting a different attitude towards these issues they are able to avoid further energy blockages occurring.

Gift an aura reading to a friend...
only £25 (your email address will be used as a reference point)

What is an Aura Reading? 
By placing your left hand on a hand plate for a couple of minutes, the plate reads the energy of the left hand to reveal all the colours in your aura, the strength of your body's chakra centres, a character analysis of what all the colours in your aura mean about you and more.  
In the same way as your feet, each part of your left hand is connected with all the different parts of your body, so it can tell you the colour coming in from the left (how you view the world), and the colour coming in from the right (how the world views you), the colour above your head (the way that you think), and of course your main base colour. In fact, you can have a 22 page document with all this information. 
Why should I have one? 
You can check the strength of your body's chakra energy centres.  It is just an interesting experience to have if you've never had one before.  By placing your left hand on a hand plate for a couple of minutes, by reading the electro-magnetic energy of the left hand, you will see:
  • all the colours in your aura
  • the strength of your body's chakra centres
  • a character analysis of what all the colours in your aura mean about you, 
and much more...
01383 730539
The Aura Image 
This is a representation of the individual bio-energetic field, emotional energetic state, personality type and energetic wellness.  This service is for information purposes only and should not in any way be thought of as a medical diagnosis. 

The colour wheel 
The colour wheel gives you an overview of the complete colour range.  It is recommended to use your aura colour or the complimentary opposite colour to relax and balance yourself.  

Yin Yang balance
The short needle reflects the Yin-female-left qualities. 
The long needle reflects the Yang-male-right qualities of your energy system.
Mind-Body-Spirit graph 
The mind-body-spirit graph gives you an idea of how these energies are distributed. 
Mind:  Your focus is mainly on creativity, mental and emotional expression and communication. 
Body:  Your focus is on physical reality and results, and body related activities. 
Spirit:  Your focus is on personal development, feelings, intuition, spirituality and inner qualities. 
Energy Level graph 
This shows the different energy channels that are measured and is based on your electro-dermal activity. 
The Indigo Channel represents your Intuitive Energy (1)
The Green Channel represents your Mental Energy(2)
The Light Blue Channel represents your Emotional Energy (3)
The Red Channel represents your Physical Energy(4)
He can also scan the aura (without scientific equipment), and unblock any chakras and energise them.  This is more powerful than other therapies as the energy is moved as well as channelled and is called Bi-Aura Therapy.
Another Bi-Aura therapist had me unblocked and energised in one sitting as the aura readings that I did on myself show before and after treatment pictures of the chakras as below.
Before Bi-Aura therapy             
After Bi-Aura therapy   


How charged are your chakras?
Aura Reading Party
Why not throw an Aura Reading PartyFREE READING for one host, £20 for all guests (for one pdf document).  Minimum of 3 guests required. 
Why not make an evening of it and compare your aura with all of your friends? Or you could just use it as an excuse to invite your friends and neighbours around? Or what about a bring-a-bottle hen night at home with a difference?
Resulting readings will be available to read at the party and emailed the following day, though they may also be saved onto your memory stick if you bring one.
0044 (0)7792 854088

Pet Healing
Would you like to know that your pet is happy and healthy? 

Well, the energy of your pet can be felt and analysed on a distance healing session. Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea of the information that can be gained in a distance healing session:


As I connected with the dog’s energy, I became aware that the rear legs felt a little stiff and achy, more noticeably the right. 

As I went through the chakras, the energy was generally low at the back except the third eye (looking back at the past) and the solar plexus (sense of identity, sense of self). 

I also felt that there was a small ache at the top the back, just underneath the shoulder blade. 

The energy pattern suggests that there is something which has happened in the past which has affected the dog’s sense of self, hence why the third eye and solar plexus are projecting back, and the slight back ache relates to feelings about the past. 

And with the right side being more noticeable, perhaps there used to be a male companion who is no longer around? 

I cleared and energized the chakras, front and back, giving extra attention to the solar plexus and third eye, and I would like to affirm that the aches I felt were only slight and should not be any cause for concern. 

“It was interesting to read that Richard thought that my pet’s right leg was stiff because the vet noticed this and has been treating her for arthritis. Before my pet came to live with us, it seems that she had an awful life and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it has affected her. As far as the male companion is concerned, my husband who my pet is devoted to has started to work away from home although he does come back at weekends.” 

It became apparent as I started that there was a general sense of heaviness in the joints, more so on the left than the right and more noticeably, the left shoulder. 

This may mean that the dog has concerns about a female presence as the left side is the female side of the body.
The energy levels were lowest at the front of the root chakra, (home, health, well being) and the back of the heart. The back relates to feelings about the past. 

I also felt that the dog has a deep sense of feeling, and that there may be a cause for thinking too much, hence a slight headache I perceived during the session. 

I also felt that the dog is happy and I felt a sense of playfulness in character, even if that is not always shown by the quality of movement. 

“The left shoulder that Richard identified as a problem has occasionally been an issue tho' not a big one but my pet was definitely lame with it shortly after Richard's treatment and it showed. The vet X-rayed the shoulder which was in fact OK but my pet's left elbow now has arthritis in it too, hence the soreness.”

CLICK HERE to pay £35 for a written report and a 30 minute distance healing session for your pet. 
Presenting Richard's spiritually inspired music cd "Inner sanctum"
"If I said that I created this music on my own, then I would be lying...
...yet I could not identify my invisible collaborator."
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"If I put it on at bed time, I never hear the last track."
"I have a different favourite every time I hear it."
"Truly inspirational and beautiful."
"Thank you again for your music during the birth of our baby girl."
UK orders £8.00

outside UK £10.00



Quotes from clients that Bi-Aura therapist Richard Barriball has personally treated. (All quotations from clients who have given permission for their feedback to be made public). 

“I am still off my pain killers and no longer seeing a physio and back to working. And I feel I am in a much better place in my life now and I do believe it all started with the Bi-Aura.” (Six months after treatment). 

“I was nearly asleep on my feet there...so relaxing.” 

“I told quite a lot of people about it and I do believe in this energy therapy. I found the last one very relaxing and I have been looking forward to this session.” 

“A day or two after the last session I had a wee cry to myself and managed to let go of the grief of losing my Mum.” 

“Someone commented today how lovely and vibrant I was, and outgoing. I don’t think that I’ve been like that for 
quite a while now.” 

“Definitely felt a lot of energy getting moved around.” 

“I tried smoking again but was profoundly aware of what it was doing to my body, so haven’t had another one 

“Bursting energy...I feel like I’ve been given a burst of energy.” 

“I’ve been sleeping better generally. Emotionally happier and positive and more drive to do things.” 

“I was so relaxed and peaceful that I felt like falling asleep. I could feel a change in the neck as it cracked twice during the session.” 

“Sleeping better and not erratic anymore, and feeling more positive. Two days ago, I felt weepy for no reason like I wanted to cry, but for no obvious reason - felt better after.” 

“This time I felt there was something being pulled out of me, and I felt like I was getting pulled too.” 

“The day after the first session, my physiotherapist was able to straighten out the discs in my neck, commenting that they haven’t been able to work that deep or as long in that area before. I also haven’t taken any more pain killers after nearly a year of  taking them.” 

“A wonderful experience. I was aware of strong energies and warmth. Just a lovely   experience. Very good 

“I really enjoyed that. I feel kind of lovely and warm all over and the heat in the hands was terrific over the knees.” 

"Professional and incredibly sensitive and pleasant reading.  Richard was competent and confident, and the reading I was given was spot on.  Thank you.  Blessings. Lisa" 

Richard Barriball is a versatile and enthusiastic being no matter what activity or facet in his character he seeks to expand upon.  He researches everything thoroughly before he takes a final decision and sets things in motion.  

I first connected with him in my capacity as a Medium, Healer and Psychic Artist....the important link at that time being music and meditation.  He is currently expanding his business, diversifying into doing Aura Readings.  In this aspect he works in a professional manner and indeed insisted on doing one for me.  The result surprised both of us because the figure of my 'guide' showed up quite clearly within the picture of my Aura!  Proof very positive for BOTH of us!  That 'being' is the subject of a major oil painting done by me called 'Resonant Tuning'.  

Essentially Richard is creative, hard-working, full of zeal and I am sure he would tackle any challenge presented to him quickly and effectively. Also, I feel he would, I am sure, succeed in any creative enterprise he embarks upon.  
 Alison Mhairi Reid - The 'A' Foundation 27th November 2009 

"My name is Sarah-Jane Le Blanc and I am a Bi-Aura Practitioner who works in the auric (or energy) field of both people and animals.  

Training and working with energy increases energy sensitivity in the hands therefore allowing practitioners to easily scan the aura (energy field) of clients  and to detect blockages or imbalances that may be affecting  their health and well-being.  Blockages to the body’s natural energy flow prevents the energy reaching all parts of the body and may result in physical, mental or emotional conditions for the client.  

Richard contacted me to book a Bi-Aura Therapy Treatment as he was considering training in Bi-Aura Therapy and wanted to experience what a treatment was like. As he was already working with sophisticated technology that scanned auras and identified areas of imbalance he asked if I would mind if he electronically scanned his aura before and after his treatment with me so he could see what impact my treatment had on his aura.  I was fascinated at the prospect of seeing the impact of my therapeutic intervention visually, but also at comparing the findings of my “energy sensitive hands and intuitive abilities” with the super-duper technology and science of a computer!  Would the findings match?  The pressure was on! 

Richard took just minutes to set up his equipment and scan his aura.  In the interests of scientific experimentation, neither he nor I wanted to see or discuss the findings of his initial scan.  I completed Richard’s treatment and feedback the key areas of my findings which identified, amongst other things, low physical energy, all chakras were depleted of energy with blockages specifically at the heart and throat chakras.  

My intuitive interpretations of these imbalances and the emotional impacts that were occurring within Richard’s body were meaningful to him.  I advised him that although I had cleansed and charged his chakras, there was still more balancing work to be done – despite him already feeling better. Now was the test time!  What did the computer –generated scan “diagnose”? 

Interestingly, the computerised scan identified that all chakras were unbalanced, low in energy (especially the heart and throat), and that physical energy was low.  The follow-up scan taken after Richard’s treatment demonstrated a significant increase in energy flow – particularly at the heart and throat – but interestingly, despite the substantial improvement in the aura it stated that more balancing work was needed – just as I had advised Richard. As an experienced and successful Practitioner, I never doubted my findings, but it was amazing to “see” what I “feel” on the computer screen – and to have my “non-tangible” findings validated both visually and theoretically by scientific technology.  

I expected the theory of what was going on within each chakra and it’s impact on the aura to be fairly general (it is software after all) but it was pretty spot on!  I was thrilled by the whole process and the accuracy of the computer-generated scan and findings.  I have no doubt that Richard and his machine will go a long way." 


Clinics are available in Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Bathgate.

Shining Light, 1 Kirkwood Place, Meadowbank, Edinburgh, EH7 5TG
The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AP.
Cleanse, 13 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 5BA.

The Stone Ring, 40 King Street, Bathgate, EH48 1AX 

67 Fodbank View, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 4UA.

The Holistic Centre, (opposite Rejects).

The Therapy Centre, 39 King Street, Stenhousemuir, FK5 4HD.

Bi-Aura Courses 
CLICK HERE to go to the Bi-Aura Foundation website for courses available, should you wish to embark on a fantastic journey of enlightenment.

Location: 67 Fodbank View, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 4UATelephone:  07792 854088 
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