Richard connects with your energy field to detect and clear any blockages and balance the energy field, just as he would normally do as if he were right in front of you. Distance really is no barrier!

Firstly, he arranges a time with you when you have some quiet time and you are unlikely to be disturbed and in a place to receive. He will then send you a text when he has started the session and another one when he is finished.

He will then ask you to drink some water and phone him back when you are ready to discuss the session that has taken place.

Just call Richard on 0044 1383 730539 to arrange an appointment (11am to 7pm UK time).

The distance healing session will last 30 minutes and is £30.

Once you have arranged a suitable time with Richard, please secure the appointment with a PayPal payment (they take all the popular cards) -

In one session of Distance Healing, as he was clearing the energy around the client's throat, he physically coughed in response to what he was clearing with a sensation of smoke. The follow up phone call to discuss the session confirmed that the client was still recovering from inhaling smoke from burning wood, (although initially, he told her to give up smoking, but she didn't smoke!)
During a different session with another client, as he was clearing the back of the heart, it came to him clairsentiently about a jilted ex-partner coming back in to the client's life who the client had no interest in! The follow up phone conversation to discuss the session confirmed that his intuition was correct.
Just phone Richard on 0044 1383 730539 to arrange an appointment.
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